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Brenk Sinatra is your favourite producer's favourite producer. The Wien-Kaisermühlen homeboy is a mystical figure. A Westcoast rap fanatic and hardcore producer, Brenk is one of the most complete European beatmakers. You can't pinpoint his sound but you know immediately that it's him when you hear a Brenk production. Westcoast Gangsta-rap and grimey Detroit rap are as present in his music as sweet soul from the 60ties + 70ties.

On Sep 23, the Viennese beatsmith returns with Gumbo II (Pretty Ugly), the follow-up to his slept on instrumental masterpiece Gumbo (Supercity, 2008). Added to Chop Shop, his Hi-Hat Club collabo with Fid Mella, this is Brenk Sinatra's third all instrumental LP in three years. Since Ole Woam, his first 7 on MPM, Brenk has established himself as one of the most promising international beatheads. Besides lacing tracks for an armada of Austrian and German MC's (e.g. Kamp, Kayo), the Kaisermühlen representant has worked with the likes of Guilty Simpson, King Tee, DJ Premier or MarvWon and produced all of MC Eiht's upcoming full length album Which Way Iz West (Year Round Records). Most recently Brenk has finished ?S3? (Super Soul Shit), an album with MPM singer Miles Bonny, who features on Gumbo II's Dedicated.

Gumbo II : Pretty Ugly / Lost Tapes
MPM 116-X
Gumbo II (Pretty Ugly) (LP)
MPM 116
Ole Woam / Don't Stop (Beat 45 #2)
7inch single
MPM 051

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