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Only in his early 20ties, Tobrock has been making some noise for a while now. He first came up under the UpMyAlley crew and is one half of R/O/C/K/A/F/E/L/L/A, together with MPM?s Fella Vaughn. He has been featured on the ?Puzzles? comp, laced a chopped and screwed remix for Fracture (Sepalot & Frank Nitt) and created a little YouTube frenzy with his Big Baby Jesus duett ?Love Me?.
Tobrock?s music is a far cry from the neo-boom bap, that some people associate Cologne with. Tobrock got a bag of his own: wobbly b-lines meet incredible strange beats and even weirder synth riffs. His current playlist consists of jazz, g-funk and dubstep.
EP #01
12inch single
MPM 141
7inch single
BB 1
Forrest Bump / Money
7inch single
MPM 101

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