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Karlmarx are brothers Isaac Aesili (aka Karl) and Mark McNeill (aka Marx) from New Zeeland.
Isaac Aesili is a musician, producer and DJ with a Masters Degree in Political Science from Auckland University. Trumpet is his main instrument but Isaac also sings and plays percussion. He released his first solo-album ?Eye See? in 2009. Isaac is also a member of New Zealand soul/funk bands Opensouls and Eru Dangerspiel and played in the niw defunct The Recloose Live Band.

Mark McNeill is a producer and sound engineer who also studies film at Canterbury University. He was initially the studio engineer for The Shocking Pinks, who are signed to DFA Records in New York.

Karlmarx - Futuro from MPMTV on Vimeo.

The Karlmarx Project (CD)
MPM 112 CD
The Karlmarx Project (LP)
MPM 112
Mists EP
12inch single
MPM 103

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