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Promo-only CD for our sponsor Carhartt. We are getting real trendy for minute with some Gomma, Compost and Sa-Ra. But don't believe the hype this new wave disco mix is the schitt! It has breaks for days, a bunch of old and new personal favourites like "Weekend" and "Dollars" and a preview of the forthcoming first 12" from the new MPM signing Le Scratchfunk.
Who's uncle Bob? Well, when I sat down with Oliver Drewes selecting tracks, we kicked it off with an old favourite by the Happy Mondays. "Bob's Yer Uncle" became our theme song for the whole selection. In the end we couldn't clear the track because Warner asked for way too much money. But we decided to keep the title. So if you get hold of the CD, burn yorself a second copy and insert "Bob's Yer Uncle" wherever you feel it fits best.

The CD is not for sale but if you are lucky you can snatch a copy at your Carhartt dealer in Europe or Japan.

Olski, November 2006

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