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1. Organ Donor 03:35
2. It's Your Thing / Hey Pocky A-Way 05:00
Doing covers has always been the easy route for soul and funk bands. And there's nothing wrong with it. It's part of the legacy and can be good fun. From "Hard To Handle" to the "Tighten Up" there's a long list of classic songs that are part of the universal funk DNA due to an equally long list of cover versions.

But when Lefties Soul Connection started recording they stayed away from cover version on purpose. They wanted to build their name soley based on orginal material. And taking the hard road has payed off for them. With a string of self-penned releases under their belt, the Lefties have gained a reputation as one of the hardest working and most consistent bands on the scene.

When they were asked submit a track for the "Hot, Funky & Sweaty" compilation, an album based on cover versions featuring everbody from the Poets of Rhthym to Sharon Jones, the time was just right. Their Isley Brothers/Meters medley "It's Your Thing / Hey Pocky A-Way" made it as the grand finale of the "H,F&S" LP and since it is such a banger we have put it on the b-side of this new 45 (in a slightly different mix though).

For the plug-side the Lefties have recorded another well-tested favourite from their live-sets: "Organ Donor" the seminal DJ Shadow classic (based on the Giorgio Moroder production "Tears" by Children Of The Mission) that is still a staple with many DJs, even ten years after "Entroducing". It's actually only three weeks since I heard the original played at a club. DJ Cem had invited me for a spin at his storming Beatpackers night here in Cologne, when he played the Shadow original and rocked the place. I wished the new Lefties 45 would have already been in my box that night because it would have teared the roof of that sucka!!! For real, the Lefties take on "Organ Donor" is simply devastating. Listen to the soundfile and you know what I mean.

Olski, December 2006

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"It is pretty cool. It's an honour to make something that somebody wants to take and make their own" - DJ Shadow

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