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Side A
1. Blood Money 3:58  
12inch single  2
Side B
1. Cafone Going 4.40  
2. Blood Money Beats 1:39  
21 year-old producer Devil McDoom from Karlskoga, Sweden is the latest signing to MPM International. Like ever so often I first spotted his talent on Soulstrut.com (thanks again, Raj!). This is his first record. File it under cinematic psych funk with heavy breaks but don't mistake it for another instrumental hip-hop record. Doom is a hip-hop producer by heart - wait until you hear the stuff he is working on with Tone from ATL's Mass Influence - and he is serious about his beats.
"I'm kinda obsessed with drums", he says "I probably spend an unhealthy amout of time on them.. I enjoy studying funk drummers a lot, mapping grooves and such." McDoom cites Iron Butterfly, George Duke, Lalo Schifrin and The Meters amongst his biggest influences and you can hear this when you listen to this 12".
P.S.: "Cafone" is mafia slang for "ill-mannered person". Such a guy gets served on the a-side song.

Artist page:
"Finally a producer who makes instrumentals that are interesting to listen to, great beats indeed...
if ever there was a bastard child of DSP, Portishead and The Herbaliser, McDoom is it!!"
- Ollie Teeba (Herbaliser), London

"Wow. That's very, very fresh." - Paul Nice, New York

"This stuff is great, hard in a Marley Marl meets P Brothers way but humorous with a nod to the greats of UK comedy and horror films." - Kev (DJ Food) London

"I dig that sound! ill drum work and soundtrack niceness...let's get back in 1972!" - Bob Wall (French Attack), Paris

"Devil McDoom is straight outta San Francisco, think muscle cars, tight fitting shirts and pants, girls with impressive cleavage. Fortified funk with double helpings of what we call 'spannung' and suspense. 9/10" - Alan Brown, Soul Seduction, Vienna

"Two killer sides that should be released on a 8 track tape , so I can play them on the road in my super soul 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1." - Thierry Steady Go! (Dynomite / fm brussel), Brussels

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