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Side A
1. Summer Heat 4:59
2. Search Song 4.44
Side B
1. Up Is Down 4:29
2. No Turning Back 3:39
Producer/DJ/collector/grafitti artist Upskiboo from Copenhagen, Denmark is taking the MPM sound into a new direction (you can now call us soft if you like!).

"Summer Heat" connects the lazy "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" vibe with an uptempo breakbeat, wah-wah guitar, a big bassline, pitched soul vocals (!) and a boogie feeling. We don't have a name for this style but we know what sounds good when it's getting hot out here. And that's what "Summer Heat" is about: Soul music for the summer to be played on big sound systems.

"Search Song" comes with an even bigger (jazz) bassline, hard drums and a freaked out hammond. Beware of the harpsichord break near the end !

"Up Is Down" started as a Can tribute song and ended as a pschy-funk jam with heavy breaks and lots of weird stuff going on...

"No Turning Back" was Upskiboo's contribution to the Soulstrut.com Katrina benefit cd "Break In The Road". For the first time on vinyl.

Artist page: Upskiboo
"Kinda like a cross between a live Dj Shadow (think of labelmates Lefties Soul Connection) and a funkier Cinematic orchestra, new Melting Pot Music artist Upskiboo is the epitome of what is good about this scene. Phat rhythms and funky instrumentation, all impecably conceived and executed." - Phonica, London

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