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Produced by the Vietnam Veterans

Recorded 1984 at "A l'Ouest de la Grosne" in Macon, France. Engineer: Jacky Barbier Both somgs are taken from the album
"Crawfish For The Notary". Originally released on Lolita and soon on be re-released on CD on Music Maniac
Mark Enbatta (guitar, vocals), Greg Jones (guitar), Angelo Jupp (Bass), Martin Joyce (drums),
Lucas Trouble (keyboards), Dany "The Boss" (sax on "Children Eyes)
The Vietnam Veterans were the best Psychedelic punk band of their time. Some people would even say that they were the only real psychedelic group. When the Vets, as their fans used to call them, first emerged on the scene at the beginning of the 80ties they were unlike any other band. They didn't get this culture through cd reissues. Their record collections have the smell of life. Psychedelic music meant to them: free human beings playing for free human beings.
From the first days, the five VVs had decided to split after five years of communal life. And that's what they did after six albums and a series of unfogettable gigs.
Mark Enbatta was the originator, the voice, the guitar and the pen of the Vietnam Veterans. Raised on LSD, he will always believe in a world of love and freedom. This man is a fighter, an anarchist and everything the right wing doesn't like. He gives his life every time he writes or sings. Anyone who's got a heart and a soul can feel it. Do you remember Gene Vincent, Eric Burdon, Jesus Christ, Van Morrison, Descartes, Rocky Erickson, Sky Saxon?

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