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Side A
1. Bouncing Ball 3:18
Side B
1. Hutspot 1:59
It's hard to explain why it took us more than a year to deliver the second 45 by Amsterdam's greatest funk band the Lefties Soul Connection. And it's even harder when you realise that "Bouncing Ball" is only three minutes and 18 seconds long with a flipside that doesn't even reach the two minutes mark.
So are we just a bunch of record nerds who waste too much time and money in the field and on the bay ? Not really. Putting out funk 45s is a labour of love. It doesn't pays the rent or even a new pair of sneakers. Before Alviz, Momo, Bram and Cody meet at the old printing factory where they rehearsh and record they have to meet ends. And when the 4-track is not on strike because its hotter than July the Lefties are still hard to please when it comes to their own music...
But even though we didn't release a new record in 2003 it was a great year for the band. They played the Paradiso and Melkweg in Amsterdam, opened for Sharon Jones, Lee Fields and the Soul Destroyers and played the Juicy Beats festival in Dortmund. We did a little club tour with dj-support from the Soul Rabbi and myself that covered Wuppertal (45RPM), Duesseldorf (Unique) and Maastricht (Soulful Boulevard). Not forgetting the stoming gig at the Dyn-o-mite party in Brussels.
So book these guys, play their records and support funk music.

Olski, January 2004

Artist page: Lefties Soul Connection
"Hot on the heels of the Queen Eve release comes the 2nd Lefties Soul Connection slammer, the aptly titled 'Bouncing Ball' b/w the stomping 'Hutspot'...even more manic than the top side....pure thumping drums 'n guitars 'n organ stuff. 'Bouncing Ball' picks up the baton from where it was dropped after 'Generator Oil' and charges pretty much full on into your eardrums for the whole 3 minutes and 18 seconds...not a bad thing by any stretch and delivering a mighty fine effort that forges ahead from their debut and shows promise for whatever's to come. Keep it up boys.' - Jason Sirland (Witchsbrew / Soul Brother Records, London)

"The eagerly awaited second single from the Lefties and we're not dissapointed. Ruff scatchy hammond funk with TOTALLY AWESOME drums that's igniting the dancefloor at Jelly Jazz. BUY NOW." - Pete Isaacs (Jelly Jazz, Plymouth)

"From time-to-time it's perfectly OK to fall in love with a band, having not heard one single note played by them, simply because of their name. Holland's superbly named Lefties Soul Connection is one such band. Great name, fellas!
A-side 'Bouncing Ball' is all pounding drums (that were evidently set up in the backyard by Vogel) a swirling Hammond organ courtesy of Alviz and some neat, jazzy guitar picking by MoMo. The whooping and cheering at the start of the record, coupled with a deafening, banging bass drum, sets an upbeat tone that is prevalent throughout the record.
Turn the vinyl over, and you have 'Hutspot', an equally impressive slice of jazzy, funky boogaloo. The playing is first rate, and it's nigh on impossible not to nod one's head or tap one's feet as this track gathers momentum. Special mention must go out to Bram's bass playing on this track, which pretty much drives the whole thing along".
- David Steel (Modculture)

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