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Side A
1. Doin the thing 2:23
Side B
1. Generator Oil 3:28
Earlier this year I was doing a little DJ tour with Egon from Stones Throw. The tour kicked off at my Soul Power function in Cologne and after rocking the rest of Germany and Paris together Egon left for the Skandinavian angle of the operation. For the last gig we had arranged to meet again in the city of Amsterdam where the Cold Grits crew had invited us to play at Struttin' their monthly party at the Mazzo. It was a sunday and we were both pretty exhausted from two weeks of deep funk, heavy diggin and very little sleep. We didn't expect too much from the night and Egon asked me if he could play the first slot in order to catch some sleep before getting on the plane back to L.A.. But what a mistake that was ! The Cold Grits crew had Amsterdam on lock and we experienced one of the best and most intense parties of the tour. Useless to say that we were amongst the last people to leave the club.
This night I also found out that there is more to the Cold Grits crew than a firing club night. Alviz, who runs the party together with fellow DJs Barth Fader and Taco Fett, told me about this band that he is playing with. I thought to myself if these guys only play half as tight as they dj than its worth a listen. A few months later I finally recieved a tape from Alviz and when the first track made my speakers rumble I know that I was right. Lefties Soul Connection are the greatest little funk band from Holland and beyond. These four young men know their funk and their soul. There is no doubt about their deep admiration for the godfathers of the movement, the JBs, the MGs and off course the Meters. But it is also clear that Lefties Soul Connection is a brand new band. The heavy drum breaks and fierce basslines are played with a strong hip-hop sensibilty and they have enough open drum breaks and funky grooves in store for all you diggers and beatmakers out there.
By the time of writing I am totally biased towards the talent of Lefties Soul Connection. After Iistening to their whole repertoire and experience first hand how they kill it live on stage (in my case at a sold out gig at the Melkweg in Amsterdam) I had no other choice than offering the band a record deal.
So this is not only the Lefties premier recording but also the first 45 on Melting Pot Music.
Its just begun.

Olski, Cologne, December 2002
"I think it is superb" - DJ Snowboy

"I really rather like it ;-) Good stuff.
Receiving good feed back from the dance floors"
- James Trouble, (Deepfunk)

"Generator Oil is the best Meters track since the Meters" - Florian Keller, (Into Somethin)

"Dope!" - Mat Mats, (Raw Fusion)

"I especially like the way they flip both the Meters AND the time signature on Generator Oil." - Egon, (Stones Throw)

"I need the Lefties Soul Connection bro ! Exellent slice of funk !" - Nik Weston

"Uptempo Hammond funk from Holland! But no stoned grooves here, just a blistering heavy one! Only the third European funk 45 outfit (after Poets of Rhythm & Timmion collective) man enough to lay their dirty funk down on wax. Where are all those Euro funk bands?!" - Jazzman Records

"The new funk 45 revolution continues, and the quality keeps on going up. This new label from Germany release their first 45 from the Lefties Soul Connection and it'll slip nicely into any funk collection. All the right things are firmly in place, heavy funky break beats, deep bassline, hammond swirls, chicken guitar and great production. Going down very well at Jelly, this is a tune you need to seek out and buy before it sells out, which IT WILL!" - Pete Issacs, (Jelly Jazz)

"Talk about cosmopolitan! Welcome to the debut release from Holland's Lefties Soul Connection on Germany's Melting Pot imprint, pressed in the Czech Republic and sent over here for review! It's great to see more and more folk getting up and doing it D.I.Y style and it's even better when the results are as promising as this. The Lefties include Alviz Bartel, part of the Cold Grits crew...a crew that also boasts the infamous Bart Wagermaker in their numbers...luckily this release comprises two instrumentals so we're spared the horror of the Bartman's crooning! The choice side ("Doin' the Thing") comes in the form of a hard hitting, bass, drums'n Hammond belter, with a jerky, stop-start ride - stripped down and clocking about 2 minutes on the Richter scale". - Jason Stirland, (Witchsbrew)

"The Lefties Soul Connection is the first 45 on Olski von Felbert's new MPM label and is an Incredible Start. "Generator Oil" oozes back room sleaze, ticking along in a Meters/JB kind of way with some lovely keys and breaks. Just what you need for chilling in your sauna with your re-commissioned Hand guns, pure "gangster funk". "Doin' The Thing" is the faster number on this 45 and clearly the one that's going to hit the dancefloors, it also nods towards "The Meters" and dare I say it "The New Master Sounds". With fantastic drums and very "One Note Brown" style keys and breakdowns its going to be a popular track so go out and get one before they are all gone." - Fryer, (Deepfunk)

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