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Every record has its story. The one behind this 45 starts three years ago in the city of Copenhagen. Two musicians and funk conisseurs by the names of Frederik Birket-Smith and Andreas "Dreski" Vingaard invite seven fellow musicians (one of them a bass player by the name of Eve) for a session at the now defunct recording studio of Frederik's father. Their mission: lay down the grittiest funk that has ever come out of Copenhagen. On that night three songs are being recorded. Various funk experts visiting the city got the chance to listen to the songs and leave baffled. I first heard about their existense through a friend from Stockholm. DJ Mad Mats was guesting at my Soul Power party in Cologne when he told me about this hot funk demo from Copenhagen. Mats was about to get his Raw Fusion label started which eventually turned into a underground powerhouse for quality club music made in Skandinavia. After hearing the Lefties 45 on MPM he sent me a CD-R with the words Funk Project (c) 2001 and an e-mail adress on it. When I put it in my player I was shocked so was my friend the mighty Soul Rabbi. But when I tried to get in touch with the guys I found out that the e-mail adress was incomplete and since Mats didn't had any other contacts I had already filed the tracks under "great lost private burned funk cd". Call it karma but a few weeks later Mats met Dreski by chance in the streets of Copenhagen and when I finally reached him he mailed me back "Good to hear from you Olski, we wanted to contact you anyway." What I didn't know was that Dreski is a fellow Soulstrut member who had spotted my occasional self-pluggin in the crate diggin' forum.
So here we are three years later with two songs of this seminal session finally pressed on a little record with a big hole ready to take the world by storm.
Olski, November 2003
"I wish I would have signed the Danes, sounds f***** awsome! I was djing down in Spain last weekend and when your 7" was played the whole club went mad (like me!)." - Mad Mats (Raw Fusion, Stockholm)

"Mad record - hard and fast!" - Daddy Bones (Grand Slam Magazine, Nottingham)

"Excellent! There you go again with all these fucking winners !!!" - Snowboy (Snowboy, Thundersley)

"Big drumbreaks, screaming hammond and some flute as a nice bonus. We need more flute in the funk." - Bart Fader (Coldgrits/Struttin, Amsterdam)

"Killer flute led groove from QUEEN EVE. It's all Hammond, relentless drums and a stomping arrangement, maybe the best MPM track yet?" - Pete Isaacs (Jelly Jazz, Plymouth)

"Pretty cool. Played it last saturday and rocked 600 people with it." - Jan Whitefield (Poets of Rhythm, Munich)

"Dope record with regular rotaion at my clubnight" - Florian Keller, (Into Something, Munich)

"Perfect! Sound and composition are very cool" - Zdenko, (The Malcouns, Munich)

"Thanks for sending over the record! I played it on the same night and put it in my december chart" - Oliver Korthals, (Mojo Club, Hamburg)

"Massive groove gladiator" - DJ Cem (Beatpackers, Cologne)

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