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At every gig the Lefties meet people who want to take some of their music back home but do not have a record player. So we decided to press up a little CD that we can sell at shows, parties or through the website. That`s why we call it "Promo #1". "Dutch Soul Food" is not an album but a collection of seven songs that Lefties Soul Connection have recorded over the last year and a half. Four of these songs have been previously released on two 45 singles, of which one ("Doin` The Thing") is already a sought-after item amongst funk collectors.

Artist page: Lefties Soul Connection
"Pure gangster funk" - Fryer (Funk45 Board, London)

"Superb funk that looks forward, grooves hard, and won't be clearing any floors - any time in the near future!" - Egon (Stones Throw, Los Angeles)

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