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Soul Village, named after a Walter Bishop Jr. song on Black Jazz, is the band of Paris-based beatmaker Dela. He first caught our attention with his all-played-live-version of "Frontin" on the mysterious Milkcrate label (think Pharrell & Jay-Z doing "MTV Unplugged" with Ramsey Lewis and Yesterdays New Quintet as the backing band).
"I've been introduced to Jazz through samples and record digging. I fell in love with the music and started looking for the right musicians with whom I could express my ideas", explains the 21 year old hip-hop-producer from his makeshift studio in Pontoise, a 45 minute drive from the centre of Paris. He had already experimented with live playing on some of his hip-hop productions and was eager to take things to the next level. For a start, the group replayed a bunch of their favourite soul and jazz songs note by note and quickly developed their own style of jamming. Picking up the right track for the first Soul Village 45 wasn't easy but when they showed up with a cosmic (and pretty blunted) take on "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" the choice was cristal clear.

Olski, June 2004

Soul Village
"Big version - diggin' it!" - Andrew Jervis (Ubiquity, Los Angeles)

"This sounds lovely - just right for the afternoon sessions!" - John Stapleton (Bristol)

"Wow, what a version ! Killa, and great timing too. Luv it. Even more left than Madlib bizniz" - Alan D Brown (Soul Seduction, Vienna)

''Low down laid back dirty jazzy funk that the headz will lap up......love those keys.....I need this shit'' - Nik Weston (Mukatsuku, London)

"A really nice version" - Daddy Bones (Grand Slam, Nottingham)

"Sounds great, a proper lazy summer version!" - Mr. Scruff

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