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Side A
1. Welly Wanging 2:27
2. Doin' The Thing 2:21
3. Bonus Beats 1:30  
Side B
1. V2 2:28
2. Bam Bam 3:51
3. Bufallo Bill's Beat 1:36  
The first giant funk 12" from the Lefties comes with two brand new jams "V2" and "Bam Bam".
Since we have been asked so many times to repress the first 45 (which sells up to 40$ on eBay) we have put "Doin' The Thing" on it, too. "Welly Wanging" has only been available on the CD "Dutch Soul Food" and comes with bonus beats.

Olski, September 2004

Artist page: Lefties Soul Connection
"Turn it up! Let that heavy heavy sound pierce your ears! It's GOOD for you!" - Gerald Short (Jazzman, London)

?08.00 am ... dring dring ... the door bell rings ... it's the post woman ... a parcel from MPM ... my heart starts to beat faster ... it must be the new LEFTIES SOUL CONNECTION 12" ... i open the parcel ... BINGO ... my heart is even beatin' faster now and i can allready hear some hammond grooves and heavy drum beats in my head ... shall i wake up the neighbours ... YES ... SMASH BANG KAPOW ... 15 minutes of pure funk insanity from Amsterdam ... i play it 3 times in a row ... i can't get enough of it ... by 09.00 am i'm fully loaded to start the day with some massive funk tunes spinning in my head ! ... a CLASSIC !? -
Thierry Steady Go ! (Dyn-o-mite, FM Brussel, Bruxelles)

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