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1. Soul '69
2. Untitled
Grimes, Iowa isn't exactly known for it's music scene. 5.399 people call this place home and A-ko doesn't even live in Grimes but a few miles outside where a 26.4k dial-up connection keeps him in touch with the beatmaking world. His favourite hang-out is Soulstrut.com where I spotted his raw talent. Now that A-ko has finished high-school it's time for RJD2 (or your other favourite "instrumental hip-hop" producer) to watch his back because this kid is so fresh and his beats are anything but clean (or cleared). So you better enjoy his DIY funk before he gets famous.

Olski, November 2004

Artist page:
"The kid's a wizzard" - Defcon (Disco Diamant, Cologne)

?Fresh, pure sample madness, with exactly the right vibes goin on. Can't wait to open up my radioshows with that "69" tune! - Michael Ruetten (Soulpatrol, FFM)

"You guys get deeper then anyone I know. Soul funk heaven.
Its really raw and dirty (again) but so true to the source. This is dirty finger nail territory indeed. Can't believe your boys beat up old grannies at the door, then raid the biscuit tin for old 7"s. Old grannies gotta give it up sooner or later I guess?
Seriously nice though Olski, big up the nu breed, and just goes to show, the more basic the equipment, the more emotional the track. Truth."
- Alan D Brown (Soul Seduction, Vienna)

"My favorite MPM release so far !
You can listen to it 35 times a day without getting sick of it! Get yaself a copy (or three) before they´re gone!"
- Robin Steel (Malcouns, Munich)

?Was the "Untitled" track recorded in 69 at the Audio Tonstudio in Berlin during the Vampyros Lesbos sessions ? Could have been, but the real answer is this porn funk pearl is the result of a young genius who lives in the middle of nowhere in the states . Switch over to the other side for the "Soul ?69", a great little funk dancer that will get a lot of attention especially from the girls on the dancefloor . Sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Ebay - 22.10.2012 ? Rare Funk 45 - A-ko - item sold USD 2567.19, so i'll suggest to buy a few copies in order to get rich in 2012.?
- Thierry Steady Go ! (Dyn-o-mite, FM Brussel, Bruxelles)

"Great authentic sounding new rub from this on point label. After a few cheeky things here and there I reckon MPM are up for world domination in 2005.
Really like the vocal samples and punchy horns - should do well on dancefloors and in bars for me over summer!"
- Huwston (Knowfoowl Music / Creative Vibes, Sydney)

"The debut release from 17 year old beatmaking phenom A-ko, hailing out of Grimes, IA and representing for the soulstrut familia. Olski scooped,him up through the forums over there, but this guy has a lot more juice than just some internet twerp with a lot of time on his hands. ?Soul 69 ? has the kind of soft hump that we love (feels like RJ but who cares), coming with a fine attention to detail and some truly uplifting soul crackle samples." - Turntablelab, New York

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