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1. Doin\' The Thing 2:23
2. Bouncing Ball 3:27
3. It's Your Thing 5:02
4. Peacock Strut 3:50
5. V2 2:39
6. Organ Donor 3:33
7. Sling Shot 3:18
8. Generator Oil 3:28
9. Bam Bam 3:51
10. Welly Wanging 2:28
11. Hutspot 1:59
If you consider yourself a soul and funk fan or collector it is not unlikely that your are familiar with some of the songs on this album. That is because Hutspot is not so much the first \\\'real\\\' album of Lefties Soul Collection but a collection of singles that the band has released over the last three years. Since all of those singles have been limited vinyl only releases, the music will still be new to most listeners outside of the elusive soul or funk 45 fraternity.

As much as we like our homemade \\\'raers\\\' we also believe that the music of the Amsterdam-based Lefties Soul Connection appeals to a wider audience than those die-hard fans who hunt their vinyl in thrift stores and online-shops around the globe. Nothing proofs this better than the ever growing number of concert goers who catch the Lefties bug at one of their live shows. Alviz, Onno, Bram and Cody love to perform and have become one of the hardest working raw funk & soul bands on the circuit. In 2005 alone they have played everywhere from the Jazz Cafe in London to the \\\'Supernatural\\\' festival in Utrecht and numerous clubs from Berlin to Marseille. Wherever they play, their raw and heavy sound never fails to set the place on fire. The Lefties need no gimmick, no flash. They just let the music speak for itself: from Alviz\\\' squeaky hammond organ to Onno\\\'s ruff & scratchy guitar to Bram\\\'s bumping bass and to Cody\\\'s hard hitting drums.
Amsterdam may not be known for gritty funk and soul but the diversity, drive and spirit of this great city is in many ways reflected in their music. Even though the Lefties\\\' sound is rooted in the classic funk of bands like the Meters, they are not trapped in the past. Lefties Soul Connection are a band of today creating songs for the year 2006 and beyond. Cody\\\'s deadly drum-breaks and Bram\\\'s bass lines keep dancers and hip-hop producers equally happy. The raw energy of their music (all recorded on an analog 4 track tape machine at their rehearshal studio) follows no rules and you will never catch them on stage pretending it is 1969 again. The Lefties believe that you have to create your own brand of funk in order to keep the music alive. So when they started recording they didn\\\'t do any cover versions. A decision that proved them right from start. Their first single, the self-penned Doin\\\' The Thing was an immediate success and has been called a new funk classic by many. Three more singles Bouncing Ball, V2 and Peacock Strut followed before the Lefties finally decided to put two classics from their live sets on vinyl: the Isley Brothers / Meters medley It\\\'s Your Thing / Hey Pocky A-Way and DJ Shadow\\\'s Organ Donor.

This is what the first album of Lefties Soul Connection is made of. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Olski, Cologne, December 2005

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?Lefties comes with the hot heat.? -
Turntable Lab (USA)

?Some of the grittiest funk to come out of the European scene in many many years -- and a totally mindblowing full length set? -
Dusty Groove (USA)

?Rocks in the way only a funk band from Amsterdam can? -
Hip-Hop Connection (England)

?Pure madness!? -
Beyondjazz.com (Belgium)

?Sweet, dirty funk ? raw and without pretension? -
InTheMix.com (Australia)

?Hut stuff!? -
IDJ (England)

?Hinter \\\"Hutspot\\\" steckt so viel geballte Energie und Soul-Power, dass man diverse Kernkraftwerke getrost schon dieses Jahr abschalten könnte. ? -
Intro (Germany)

Japanese Review in Remix magazine

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