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Side A
1. Still Jivin'
2. Soul Connection
Dizzy Bull
Side B
1. Chessha 23
2. Kicked in the Nuts
12" taster from the forthcoming album Breakbeatraer - Songs from Soulstrut.com to be released in 2006.

Soulstrut.com is a on-line community focusing on the crate digging aspect of hip hop culture. Founded in 1999 by Raj Mahal and located in Sellersville, PA, USA (a suburb of Philadelphia), the site is frequented by over 350,000 DJs, music producers, record collectors, and music lovers world wide each month.
Active members include well-known collectors, djs, producers and musicians such as Paul Nice, Mr.Supreme, Soulman, Amir, Jake One, O-Dub, Monty Stark (Stark Reality), Cosmo Baker, DJ Day, Young Einstein (Ugly Duckling), Thes One (PUTS) discussing records, life and pop culture 24/7.
In early 2005 Soul Strut teamed up with Melting Pot Music (MPM founder Olski is SS member #225) to release an album entirely made by board members.

Artist page: Soulstrut.com

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