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Side A
1. On The Run 3.50
Side B
1. Horny Pipin' Bats 3.33
This 45 is something else. Imperial Breed are taking the new funk sound to a different level by making vintage synths the lead instruments. Think Manzel meet the Poets of Rhythm recorded through karaoke mics.
Producer Hawkeye, a well-known hip-hop media assassin, TV host and DJ from Germany is looking for the perfectly imperfect beat and he has gone pretty far with the first single by Imperial Breed. The sound is real bad (as in bad sounding good) and it can only get worse.

Please note: "Horny Pipin' Bats" was featured on last years "This is MPM" comp. "On The Run" was recorded and mixed in spring 2006.

Olski, June 2006

Artist page: Imperial Breed
"You got great sounds and I am anxious to hear more from you. I hope my input was helpful. Keep putting soul up!"
- Gabe Roth (Daptone Records, New York)

"Are these the Poets Of Rhythm under another name ?"
- This Kid named Miles (Breakestra, Los Angeles)

"Coming on like a space funk Poets of Rhythm track, two ace sides from the ever reliable Melting Pot stable, this drives funk into a new age. 'On The Run' mixes vintage synths and programmed and live drums into a new age space funk which is reminiscent of Kenny Dope favorite Manzel."
- Fat City (Manchester)

"We've been loving these hot funk break releases from the Melting Pot imprint & this newest offering might actually be our favorite. Imperial Breed are taking the new funk sound to the next level by combining heavy breaks with vintage synths for heavy dancefloor action. "
- Satelite Records (New York)

Click here for a review in German language in the Juice magazine

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