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Side A
1. Planet Rock Pt.1 4:36
Side B
1. Planet Rock Pt.2 4:44
The Return of "Planet Rock"! Just in time for it's 25th anniversary we
are coming with a radical new take on Bambaataa's genre-defining electro-anthem.

When Hawkeye told me that the Breakout guys were working on a cover version of "Planet Rock" I was like "Whaat?". And when he told me that itīs gonna be an almost all live sample-free version I looked even more puzzled. What Mr. Confuse, Info & Kova actually did was, they invited a whole bunch of musician friends to several studios in Hannover and let them play the different parts of "Planet Rock" in funk mode over the beat that they produced before the sessions. Then they went back into the lab and chopped and arranged the parts into a monster afro-funk tune. The result is that the final version of the song consists of more than 1.200 rearranged soundsamples.

So what we hear now is not only a tribute to one of the greatest early hip-hop tracks ever but a great record in it's own right. When I played the rough mixes to several people "in the know", without telling them what to expect it took most of them one or two minutes until they said "Damn! Planet Rock! WHO is this??"

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Review on Frenchbreaks.com
"Freakin? sick...love it!"
- Mad Mats (Raw Fusion)

" Planet Rock is BANGING - I'll be sure to play that this weekend at The Rub!"
- DJ Day (MPM)

"Tasty - will definitely play this!"
- Andrew Jervis (Ubiquity)

Melting Pot is killing it with the covers right now, giving Truth & Soul a run for their money with versions of "Organ Donor," "The Mexican" and now this live band version of "Planet Rock." You might not even be able to tell for a minute or so, it just sounds like the buildup to an afro funk tune, then there's a breakdown, here comes the guitar, and then everything falls into place. Drums are loud as fuck. The way they put this together was they invited all their buddies over, had different people play parts of "Planet Rock," recorded it all and then edited the pieces together." - TTL (NY & LA)

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