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Side A
1. The Mexican feat.Sara Bourgeois 9:46
Side B
1. The Mexican (Instrumental Edit) 8:29  
The reactions on the limited promo 12" that a few DJs could get hold of earlier this summer didn't leave us much of a choice. Everybody is asking for "Chico Hernandez". Gerald Jazzman even dubbed it "THE version of 'The Mexican' to have!" So Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop went back to their lab in Berlin with singer Sara Bourgeois and recorded new vocals to their 100% sample-free take on "The Mexican".

The original version by the British rock group Babe Ruth is one of the defining b-boy hymns and one of the underground dance classics of all time. The song was a groundbreaking cut at Kool Herc's block parties in the Bronx as well as at David Mancuso's Loft in Manhattan, and has been sampled and covered by everybody from Bambaataa and Todd Terry to The Bombers and Jellybean.

To make the 12" complete we have asked Mike Davis of Burlesque America to design the cover which has turned out as dope as the record itself.

Artist page: Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop
"This is THE version of Babe Ruth's 'The Mexican' to have!"
- Jazzman (London)

?You guys are the nuts, amazing music once again with beats and breaks and riddims, totally into this, muy caliente, 9/10.? Alan Brown (Soul Seduction, Vienna)

"A richly funky take on Babe Ruth's breakbeat classic "The Mexican" -- with a heavy emphasis on the heavy beats and rolling bongo sound that make it one of the defining tracks for a beat digging generation! This fresh version really ratchets up the funky elements -- the bass thumps harder on our speakers than any track we've listened to in a while -- with an equally hard emphasis on the drums and the keys! " - Dusty Groove, (Chicago)

"Great cover version of classic breakbeat tune. Really tough & funky. Check the latin breakdown at the last part of the track." - Recordmania (Stockholm)

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