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1. Bike Ryder 2:39
2. Weightless Step 4:06
"Can I request a Phobos Peepl Bike Ryder 7" on MPM? You should seriously put out that track!" It was Devil McDoom who sent us this mail a few months ago after a weekend trip to Malmö, Sweden. During some serious digging and drinking sessions he had got down with Martin Dejean, the founder and sole member of The Phobos Peepl. Since we trust the young devil's taste we got in touch with Mr.Dejean on the spot and are proud to introduce the brand new space funk sound of The Phobos Peepl to you.

"Bike Ryder" is a serious space funk bubbler with a solid dose of wah-wah clavinet and infectious moog line (all played live by the way). An alternative version of the song was used for the soundtrack of the Danish street documentary "CPH Remix" in 2005.

"Weightless Step" is a mellow Wurlitzer jam in 3/4 for the wee small hours.Not your average MPM sound but things never stay the same and we like it like that.

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