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1. Fais Do-Do 2:59
2. Mood Nix 3:18
First single from the forthcoming second Lefties album "Skimming The Skum".

"Fais Do-Do" means "sleep well" in French but is also an old Canjun-style party and that's what this song is about.

"Mood Nix" on the b-side is a 45 exclusive.

Artist page: Lefties Soul Connection
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"A masterful blend of snapping drums, riffing guitar, and some super-cooking Hammond that really sends the whole thing home! There's a slightly mod feel to the track, but the drums are more than heavy enough to push the tune strongly into deep funk territory -- a bit like The Meters, but with even more ferocity at the bottom!"
- Dusty Groove (Chicago, USA)

"Funk as it should sound. No compromise."
- Beyondjazz (Be)

"Currently hitting another ?must buy every release? phase, this label can do no wrong in my book. Here you have two straight up funk tracks that will make ?em shake ?em on the floor whenever needed."
- Shep Dog (Freestyle Records, London, UK)

"Snappy breakbeat and guitar led organ funk at it's best. Blinking love this"
- Pete Isaac (Jelly Jazz, UK)

"If yer fais do-do copy doesn't rock the dancefloor like mad there must be something wrong with your audience - or the amps are not on yet"
- Florian Keller (Partykeller, Ger)

"Loved their take on DJ Shadow?s ?Organ Donor? and Clarence Carter?s ?Back Door Santa? so the question was could this 7" be anywhere near as good? The answer is simple:-YES! These guys re-invent the concept of raw funk, they are like an out of control juggernaught."
- Craig Charles (BBC 6Music, UK)

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