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Side A
1. Music Is Ruling My World 4:02
2. Music Is Ruling My World (Sabbo + Kuti DJ Edit) 5.21
Side B
1. Music Is Ruling My World (DJ Day Remix) 4.44
2. Music Is Ruling My World (DJ Day Beat Edit) 3.40
Second single from Kutiman. This time Kutiman is heading into a funky soul direction (thanks to the wonderful Karloina on vocals) while keeping his psych/rock side intact. Beware of the trombone solo! This is music for the summer!

Comes with a super-dope remix by DJ Day on the b-side!

Please believe the hype: the 24 year-old multi-instrumentalist and producer from Tel Aviv is about to break loose this year with his selftitled debut album on MPM in September. Dabbling into afro-funk, psychedelia and West Indian grooves we file his music under "Kutiman".

Artist page: Kutiman
"Half disco, half afrobeat and mostly perfect for summer jamming purposes." - The Fader (New York)

"Both versions are ruling my box." - Michael Reinboth (Compost)

"This music is truly ruling my world right now. And it will last for a while..." - M.Path.iq (De:Bug)

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