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1. Closer Love 04:30
2. Salmon Steaks 04:26
3. What It Is I See 04:30
4. Yes I Do 03:34
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Welcome Miles Bonny! This is the first official MPM release by the singer, trumpet player and beatmaker from Kanas City. After his promo-only 7? ?Miles Gets Open? he is coming with a four track EP. The music here is handled by AC Layne aka TE1, a new producer talent from London, while Miles has laced his vocals and trumpet back home in Kansas City.

The theme of this EP is ... L.O.V.E.. So light up some joss sticks, uncork a good bottle of wine and put on some Miles Bonny. If you happen have a record store file under: sexy jazzdance with a touch of Dilla.

TE1 on myspace
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"The soul voice of Miles Bonny - another big discovery comin off the Melting Pot Music camp. ?
- Michael Rütten (Soulsearching)

"Beautiful piece of future soul just as we like it." - DJ Keyser (Crate Soul Brothers)

"Miles growth has absolutely blown me away. I'm always pleasantly surprised with every new release I get from the man. This EP has to be my favorite thus far. I feel kind of weird saying this as I'm his show DJ, as well as, a frequent collaborator, but I truly am a fan of Mr. Bonny's music." - DJ Joc Max

"What a tune!! ?Closer Love? is def my kind of thing. Miles sounds wicked, loving what this man is putting out right now. The beats are just tight and really compliment his style. ?
- Paul Gamblin (Black & Blue / Heavy Mannas, Australia)

"Die Post-Dilla-Generation wird diesen Stuff ebenso lieben wie Mr. Worldwide Peterson und Kollege Soulpatrol Rütten. Sexy.?
- De:Bug Magazine (Berlin)

"Like it a lot?
- Michael Reinboth (Compost)

"Herrlich sweetsoulig und voller Liebe?
- DJ Masterquest (Hamburg)

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