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1. Intro 2:34:
2. First Step 3.29
3. A Place to Go 3.13
4. Outro Wrap It Up B) 2:50  
DJ Day goes on a Mizell-Brothers-meets-Dilla-mission with this "What's Going
On"-style EP. Soul music for 2007.

When he started working on the tracks in July 2006 the war between Israel
and Lebanon had just begun and it clearly affected the way the music turned

"I made this record not only for you, but also as a message to myself.", Day
says in the liner notes. "Sometimes it's important to step outside of your
world and look at where we're headed as people. That is what I tried to do
with this record."
"California's one man b-boy funk band DJ Day is back with a killer Mizell-meets-J Dilla-meets-Marvin four tracker, redefining soul music for 2007... Standout track is the pure Mizell / Byrd style ARP / Clav / Korg filled jazz-funk / boogie gem "A Place To Go"."
- Picadilly (Manchester)

"US beat crafter and multi instrumentalist DJ Day takes his lead from Whats Going On with an EP of socially aware soulful grooves. The title track features lush widescreen acoustic layers and Days own vocal musings whereas First Step cranks things up adding crunchy breaks for the Hip Hop heads and lashings of Rhodes goodness. - Fat City (Manchester)

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