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1. The Time In Between 03:55
2. Nightlight 03:52
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Part 4 of the MPM Beat 45 series comes from Afta-1, one of the biggest talents of today's beat generation. Born in California and now based in Brooklyn, Afta-1 is drawing inspiration from Sun-Ra and Flying Lotus alike, but speaks in his very own language. The best fitting label for his music is probably "cosmic". "The Time In Between" is his first release since his debut album "Aftathoughts Vol.1" on Circulations (Japan), which enjoyed heavy support by Benji B. Space is till the place when it comes to Afta-1!

"Cosmic keys and splashy beats, but all taken at a pace that's much more laidback than other artists of this nature -- not really hip hop, not really cosmic soul, but a uniquely isolated space that's all its own!" ? Dusty Groove

About the MPM BEAT 45 series

The MPM Beat 45 series kicked off in late 2007 with Suff Daddy from Berlin and has spotlighted the talents of international beatmakers like Brenk from Vienna and Baptman from Paris too. Strictly limited to 700 copies and only available on 7" (Beat 45s hit iTunes only 4 weeks after the vinyl release) we are focusing on the workdwide beatmaker scene of today.

MPM Beat 45s Discography

#1 Suff Daddy (Berlin) feat. Kissey Asplund ? Kill Bill / Drama (Dec 2007)
#2 Brenk (Vienna) ? Ole Woam / Don?t Stop (Feb 2008)
#3 Baptman (Paris) ? Groo / Luv 2 Luv (March 2008)
#4 Afta-1 (New York) ? The Time In Between / Nightlight (Dec 2008)
#5 Block Barley (Hamburg) feat. Guilty Simpson ? Michigan RMX (Jan 2009)
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"Wicked 7" from the dangerously talented Afta-1! Two killers .... tripped out, low slung, shifting synth based beat nuggets, a la FlyLo. Big things for this boy in 2009!" - Fat City (Manchester)

"Klingt super" - Michael Rütten (Soupatrol, Frankfurt)

"Far out! Great stuff!" - Beatfanatic (Soundscape Records, Stockholm)

"It has ?future is now? written all over it"
- Lovemonk (Ibiza)

"I played nightlight on my show last night and somebody called in about it. Wicked stuff. I am getting the Aftathought cd now" - Mathieu Schreyer (KCRW, Los Angeles)

"Hammer Ding!!!" - Brenk (Superproducer, Vienna)

" 'The Time In Between' is hot" ? Joscha Creutzfeldt (Up My Alley, Cologne)

"I like the tracks a lot! Will use them for my radio show." - Jon Oliver (East Village Radio, New York)

"Both Tracks are really impressive. Deep Atmosphere, very delicate production"
- Soulist (What The Funk / Souleance, Paris)

"Lovin It" - Stephan Szillus (Juice, Munich)

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