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Side A
1. Never Fall In Love feat. Stray 3:55
2. Birds & Bees feat. Kissey Asplund 3:45
3. Golden Token (Speak) feat. Ezekiel & Stray 4:48
4. Hey Cat feat. Kissey Asplund 4:14
Side B
1. Never Fall In Love Instrumental 3:55  
2. Birds & Bees Instrumental 4:48  
3. Golden Token (Speak) instrumental 4:48  
4. Hey Cat Instrumental 4:14  
Artist Page Cerebral Vortex & Erik L

Rap sensation Cerebral Vortex (born in Texas but really a citizien of the world) and new kid on the beatmachine Erik L (born in Stockholm but musically at home in the Motor City) present "Kitty Kat Kaboodle" a four track theme EP dealing with love, sex and relationships. Featuring the one and only Kissey Asplund, singer Stray and Ezekiel 38. Love, Beats & Rhymes ? phresh for 2009.

Cerebral Vortex is making noise as one half of the two man club rap duo 215:The Freshest Kidz (who have a record out with Rustie) and has just released the ?Vortex Cookies? 12" with Robot Koch on Up My Alley. Artwork desgined by Mike Davis. Super-phreshvideo by Elayne Blyth.
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