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Side A
1. All This Time 3:20
Side B
1. Lone Stars Theme 4:10
Artist page: Lucinda Slim & The Lone Stars

Introducing Lucinda Slim: singer/songwriter/DJ from London where she spins as the resident partner of Keb Darge at Madame JoJo's. Lucinda Slim is an alter ego of Nia Saw, one of the main members of Zap Mama for over a decade.
With her new band the Lone Stars, she is blessing us with a gorgeous soul 7". "All This Time" is a deep but catchy soul tune produced by Belgian super producer Krewcial. It's spring again!
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"What can I say, this is simply astonishing! Congrats, wicked release!" - Borja (Lovemonk, Madrid)

"Love this tune!" - Robert Luis (Tru Thoughts)

"Beautiful!!! Passiert ja nicht so oft dieser Tage, dass der original Vibe von damals auch gut ins Hier und Jetzt übertragen wird, sweet." - Michael Rütten (Soul Patrol, Frankfurt)

"Eine wirklich große Nummer!" - Henry Storch (Unique Records, Düsseldorf)

"Lovely soulful vocal, tight instrumental" - Paul Gamblin (Black & Blue / Heavy Mannas, Australia)

"Nice tune. One to lift the winter blues away." - Michael Waithe (Deja Vu FM, London)

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