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1. Point Of No Return 3:03
2. Ubiquitous feat. Souls of Mischief 4:35
3. Pull Out Your Cut feat. Mr. Lif 3:52
4. Disc Duell feat. The Phaderheadz 5:39
5. Berlin Wall feat. Rise'n'Shine & Virtuoso 4:37
6. You can't effect feat. Killa Kela 4:06
7. Known To Be Masta feat. Masta Ace 4:12
8. We Both Speak With Our Hands feat. Mr. Thing 2:40
9. We're at War feat. Akrobatik & Zion I 4:11
10. Success 3:02
11. The Session feat. Freestyle, Akani & Virtuoso 3:57
12. The Hard Way feat. The Beat Junkies 3:51
13. Affiliation Revised 5:05
14. Pull Out Your Cut feat. Mr. Lif (RMX) 3:19
Bring that beat back: We are proud to announce the digital re-release of 1973*Recon - Marc Hype's seminal solo-debut album from 2003. With an all-star line-up feat Masta Ace, Mr. Lif, Souls of Mischief, Akrobatik, Killa Kela and Zion I, 1973*Recon is a pre-Myspace classic that sounds as fresh as six years ago.

DJ Hype ? who changed his name to Marc Hype a few years ago ? is a true legend and pioneer of the German hip-hop scene. Born and raised in Kreuzberg, West-Berlin, Marc was part of the group Cheeba Garden and one of the first German turntablists with an international reputation. He won the national ITF championship in 1989 and 99 and toured with the X-Ecutioners, Invisibl Skratch Piklz and Z-Trip.
?1973*Recon? was in many ways a milestone album for German hip-hop. As one of the first European producers, Marc featured an all-star cast of internationally known rappers such as Masta Ace, Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, Souls of Mischief, Killa Kela or Zion I.

2009: Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop have just finished their new album "Stamp Out Reality". To be released in October.
"Proper hip hop bridging the gap from Europe to the US!" - Huwston (Knowfool, Sydney)

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