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Side A
1. Rare Occasion feat. Malena Perez 03:25  
2. Rare Occasion feat. Malena Perez (Kid Gusto Rmx) 06:13  
Side B
1. Al Naafiysh (The Soul) 04:41  
Limited double a-side DJ 12" from the forthcoming album "Stamp Out Reality". "Rare Occasion" is a latin flavoured jazz dance monster feat. Malena Perez (New York / Berlin) and not your typical Marc & Jim jam at all. Beware of the funk flute and the epic remix from Kid Gusto (Tru Grooves, Washington DC).

"Al Naafiysh (The Soul)" pays tribute to one of THE defining electro-tracks by Hashim. Marc & Jim re-build the classic in true stamp-out fashion.
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"Hammering in the Club"
Dan Greenpeace
(All City, Dublin)
"I am most happy they are reminding the kids of what real electro sounds like"
Huw Ellis (Knowfool, Sidney)
"These guys improve as they go!"
Daniel Peņacoba (Capture Of Sound Radio Show, Ibiza)

Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop - Rare Occasion

Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop - Al Naafiysh (The Soul)

Hashim - Al-Naafiysh

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