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1. J.Birly 2:42
2. Lumberjack Soul 5:23
3. Breakfast 3:44
4. J.Birly Instrumental 2:42  
5. Lumberjack Soul Instrumental 5:23  
6. Breakfast Instrumental 5:23  
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Super soul 12" from the CGN/KCMO connection. The Cologne based producer team The Ins (Twit One & friends) has teamed up with Miles Bonny from Kansas City for a 3 track 12".

"J.Birly" is a cover of the Jerry Butler classic "Just Because I Really Love You" as used by Dilla for the "Luv U" beat on the "Donuts" album. Jerry Butler was the original lead singer of the Impressions alongside Curtis Mayfield.

"Lumberjack Soul" aka "The Miles Bonny Theme Song" was recorded at the Treehouse studio in Cologne, during Miles' European tour this summer. Produced by Testiculo Y Uno (= Hulk Hodn + Twit One).

"Breakfast" was also recorded at the Treehouse and features Fleur on the second verse.

This is the second release by The Ins. The first one was the 7" "I'm Still Waiting / Fall In Love" ? two covers of Bob Marley and Slum Viallage feat. Mariama and Fleur Earth.

"One of the most beautiful songs this year." - Michael Rütten (Soulpatrol, Frankfurt)
"This is better than a hot croissant with my breakfast!" - Borja Torres (Lovemonk, Madrid)
"Great stuff!" - Daniel Peńacoba (Capture Sound Radio, Ibiza)
"MILES BONNY has done it again!" - Weller (Stack-O-Sounds, Frankfurt)
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The Ins X Miles Bonny - J. Birly

The Ins X Miles Bonny - Breafast w/ Fleur Earth

Jerry Butler - Just Because I Really Love You

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