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Side A
1. Delta 02:58
2. U Don't 03:15
3. Fantasy Girl 03:15
Side B
1. Outrageous 04:01
2. Energy 05:00
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Welcome to the Frank Nitt and Sepalot revival! The Detroit MC (Frank'N Dank, Dilla) and the Munich producer (Blumentopf) are Fracture. A new group with a new sound and a new agenda. Nitt and Sepalot first hooked up on Sepalot's solo-album "Red Handed" (Compost Records). They went on tour together, became friends and kept on recording - with no rules, no regulations and no parking on the dancefloor. "Outrageous" is a 5 track EP that fuses Detroit rap, Munich disco and Miami bass like no record before.
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Fracture (Sepalot & Frank Nitt) - Energy by MPMCGN

Sepalot & Frank Nitt - ENERGY (TOBROCK REMIX) by MPMCGN

Fracture (Sepalot & Frank Nitt) - Energy (Ampersand Remix) by MPMCGN

"Frank Nitt's sounding so damned good. Sepalot is one of the world?s best electronic hip hop producers and his ?Red Handed? album is one of the best of the genre. These two are a match made in heaven" - Huw Ellis (3D World Magazine, Sydney)

"Innovativ und extrem fresh"" - Splash Mag (Germany)

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