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The Visionears = Dexter (MPM/ Wortsport) & Kit. Corporately they go on a musical space odyssey and link timeless and current tracks in a 65 minutes mix, which in spite of their different release dates (ranging from 1950 to 2010) match perfectly when listened in a mix. Time Capsule [A Crate Oddyssey] is the first common release from Dexter and Kit under the name The Visionears. A journey through library archives, moog music, spacefunk and synthesizer music, but nevertheless with a certain touch of HipHop and diggin` mentality. A common album is already announced for 2011. The mix CD includes a poster and buttons which come along in a lovingly designed package. Limited to 200 pieces.
Time Capsule [A Crate Odyssey] [SNIPPET] by The Visionears

An MPM store exclusive until Nov 26.

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