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1. Romeo and July
Pierre Anckaert Trio
2. One Take Groover
Pierre Anckaert Trio
3. August City Blues
Pierre Anckaert Trio
4. Chromeface
Pierre Anckaert Trio
5. Finding A Place feat. Carina Andersson
Monkey Robot
6. So Amazing
Monkey Robot
7. Same Dream Again feat. Ahu & Miles Bonny
Monkey Robot
8. Neverending Rhodes
Monkey Robot
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MPM have teamed up with the Laid Back Radio collective from Brussels to add a new chapter to the metaphysics of a jazzthing. 74 MILES AWAY is a collaboration between Belgian jazz pianist/composer Pierre Anckaert and producers Monkey Robot (previously known as Infinitskills), curated by LBR founder Julius Mourlon. Pierre Anckaert composed and recorded four electric jazz tracks with his trio. Monkey Robot have radically reworked these four songs featuring singers AHU (One Handed Music, best known from the first Flying Lotus album), Carina Andersson (the voice behind 4 Hero's epic take on
Minnie Riperton's ?Les Fleurs?) and Miles Bonny (MPM, DJ Day).
74 MILES AWAY take you on a trip from the days of Bob James and Herbie Hancock to the future beat and soul sound of today. If you are looking for the perfect beat in 2011, we highly recommend to check out this record.

Bonus facts
74 Miles Away refers to the classic Cannonball Adderley live album from 1967.

The collaboration between Pierre Ankaert and Monkey Robot started with a cover version of of ?Scrabble?, the Chapell library tune by René Costy, best known as the lead break from J.Dilla's ?F**k The Police?. Released on Japanese label Jazzy Sport in 2009.

Pierre Ankaert and Monkey Robot are curently working on a live show,
thart will take 74 MILES AWAY to a venue near you soon.
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74 Miles Away - Live Set Rehearsal

74 Miles Away - Live Teaser (Neverending Rhodes / Chromeface)

74 Miles Away teaser

74 Miles Away - Same Dream Again feat. AHU & Miles Bonny by LaidBack

74 Miles Away - August City Blues by MPMCGN

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