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Side A
1. Intro/No Business 01:00  
2. Seemy/Jamalski 02:03  
3. Jetplane 00:42  
4. Milton Podenco 00:23  
5. Hole Clap 00:30  
6. New Directions 00:48  
7. Zuelpicher Blues/ Musstedassein? 02:35  
Side B
1. Down Here Intro 00:30  
2. Jederliebtihn 01:00  
3. Sackvoll Pt. 2 00:32  
4. Creature From Antoher Time 00:57  
5. PAL (Peace?n?Love) 01:40  
6. Deepstahl 00:43  
7. Latimer 00:55  
8. Melikeyou 01:28  
9. Isall 00:26  
Artist page Twit One
TwitOne´s Blog

Twit One presents ?Stepping Stones? - the first 10? album in the history of music. It got everything an album needs: 16 great tracks, a musical vision and dope artwork. All executed in true Twit fashion. Love it or leave it alone.

Twit One is a producer, DJ and bass-player from Cologne, Germany. Best known for his work with Fleur Earth, Hulk Hodn (Testiculo Y Uno), Retrogott (Echoman & 4 Trackboy) and Miles Bonny. He is also a member of the Hi-Hat Club and the creative brain behind Augenringe unter dem Dritten Auge Records (AUDDA).
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Twit One - No Business/Latimer

Twit One - Jederliebtihn/Down Here Intro

Twit One - Latimer

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