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1. Lumberjack Soul
produced by Testiculo y Uno
2. Still Miles
produced by DJ Day
3. 5 O ´Clock Suff
produced by Suff Daddy
4. J.Birly
produced by The Ins
5. Clap Clap
produced by Kova
6. Nothing But You
produced by Justin Krecker
7. A Song From Miles
produced by Miles Bonny
8. Learning To Fly
produced by DJ Day
9. Same Dream Again feat. Ahu
produced by 74 Miles Away
10. Yes I Do
produced by TE1
11. Breakfast feat. Fleur Earth
produced by The Ins
12. Desperado
produced by Nicolas Kopernikus
13. Nests
produced by Justin Krecker
14. Late Night Suff
produced by Suff Daddy
15. Salmon Steaks
produced by TE1
16. 16. What?s Life Like
produced by DJ Day
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? Lumberjack Soul is the first album by alternative soul singer Miles Bonny from Kansas City.

? Produced by DJ Day, Suff Daddy, Hulk Hodn, Twit One, 74 Miles Away, Kova, Nicolas Kopernicus a.o. Guest apperances by AHU and Fleur Earth.

? Miles Bonny has been dubbed ?the missing link between D'Angelo and Willie Nelson?. We call him ?the Voice of MPM?.

? ?Lumberjack Soul? features some of Miles biggest successes (the Raphael Saadiq tribute EP ?Instant Saadiq? with DJ Day, ?J.Birly? by Miles & The Ins, his kollabos with Suff Daddy and TE1 ...) plus five brand-new songs.

? Includes cover versions of songs by The Meters (?Handclapping Song?), Raphael Saadiq (?Still Ray? + ?What's Life Like?), Jerry Butler (?J.Birly? as used by Dilla on ?Donuts?) and Kermit the frog (?A Song From Kermit? from Sesame Street).

Miles Bonny is the son of Francis Bonny, a professional trumpet player. He has been exposed to Jazz, Latin, and Classical music all of his life. Growing up with trumpets around him, he played his first note at age 2. Frequent trips accompanying his father at latin, jazz, and symphony rehearsals allowed him to meet greats such as Tito Puente and Max Roach.

Miles is part of the Innatesounds Crew (Reggie B, Ces Cru) and has recorded and released records with DJ Day, Suff Daddy, Shawn Lee, TE1, The Ins, Hulk Hodn, Retrogott, Twit One, 74 Miles Away, AHU, Fleur Earth, Dela, Ta-ku, Portformat and many more.

Together with Vinnese producer Brenk (Hi-Hat Club, MC Eiht), Miles has formed the group S3 (Supa Soul S**t). They will release their first album later this year on MPM.
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Miles Bonny - Nothing But You by MPMCGN

74 Miles Away - Same Dream Again feat. AHU & Miles Bonny by LaidBack

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"Miles Bonny could well be your next favourite soul singer.? ? James Barrie (BBE/Global Souljah, Barcelona)

"Miles' hazy voice combined with the jazzy Suff Daddy sound, it's an excellent way to start the day, soulful and relax." - Lefto (Brownswood, Brussels)

?Miles Bonny has a unique voice and on "Lumberjack Soul" he combines it with an exceptional songwriting. For sure, this is up my alley.? ? SEPALOT (Ego FM, Munich)

?Und die Szene hat mal wieder ein neues Wunderkind.? ? Daniel Schnaithmann (triggerfish.de, Germany)

"Quality collection of tunes from Mr. Bonny! Creamy classiness" - Andrew Mason aka Monk One (Waxpoectics, New York)

"Definitely one of my favorite top 10 albums of the year!" - Anthony Valadez (KCRW, L.A.)

"I'm playing Lumberjack Soul on my show in Western Australia, people are asking me: "When's the album gonna drop, can't wait for this!!" Well, here comes the sounds of now my good people." - Paul Gamblin, (Black & Blue Radio Show, Perth)

"I assure you ? this gaffer with a bushy beard puts striking and magical power in his songs" - Goda (Perf10.net, Lithuania)

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