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Side A
1. Turn Around
Sola Rosa feat. Iva Lamkum
Side B
1. Turn Around (Suff Daddy Remix)
Sola Rosa feat. Iva Lamkum
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Kiwi soul is on the rise and we are happy to welcome Sola Rosa as our latest signing from down under. Back home in NZ, the band, lead by mastermind Andrew Spraggon is already a household name with their trademark mix of soul, reggae, hip-hop and whatnot. Call it modern day roots music if you like. The first single from their forthcoming album ?Get It Together? features the wonderful Iva Lamkum on vocals.
Suff Daddy is on the remix for the 7" - digi single comes with remixes by Suff Daddy, TM Juke and DJ Vadim!

Tracklist digi single
1. Sola Rosa - Turn Around 04:01
2. Turn Around (Suff Daddy Remix) 02:34
3. Turn Around (TM Juke Remix) 03:34
4. Turn Around (DJ Vadim Remix) 04:44
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Sola Rosa - Turn Around feat. Iva Lamkum

Sola Rosa - Turn Around Feat. Iva Lamkum (Suff Daddy Remix) by MPMCGN

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"Iva hops on and straddles this bucking beat, riding this tune with control and flare. Loving the Sola Rosa sound right now." - Jeremy Sole (KCRW, L.A.)

?Ich bin begeistert. Gerne mehr davon? ? Oliver Korthals (Mojo Club, Hamburg)

?Very nice track. Cool & slick.? ? Michael Reinboth (Compost Records, München)

?Love Sola Rosa.? ? Huw Ellis (2SER, Sydney)

?Lovin it? ? Jason Pulaski (KUCI, Irvine)

?Great song.? ? Erik Schneider (Giant Step, New York)

?Fett, danke? ? DJ Mad (Hamburg)

?Nice!? ? Julian Gupta (splash! Mag)

?Great stuff.? ? Julien Mourlon (Laid Back Radio, Brussels)

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