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1. Love Alone feat. Spikey Tee 03:44
2. Love Alone feat. Spikey Tee (Mr. Boinkin Remix) 04:44
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Digi only single. Release Oct 14.

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The second single from ?Get It Together? is on a brand new old reggae tip featuring Spikey Tee on the mic. Spikey has been an integral part of the Sola Rosa collective for years but his career in music reaches back way further.

Born and raised in London and now living in Sydney, Spikey Tee was a member of the seminal UK rap crew Sindecut. Their 1991 debut ?Changing The Scenery? (Virgin Records) was a landmark album, combining UK-Rap with reggae, uptempo breakbeats and street soul. In many ways a blueprint of British club music of the 90ies. He has worked with jungle pioneer Rebel MC and the Congo Natty crew (check the 1992 Rebel MC album ?Word, Sound & Power? and you know the score) and giged and recorded with legendary bass player Jah Wobble (PIL, Jah Wobble/Holger Czukay/The Edge) ? check the 1994 album ?Closer To God? by Jah Wobble's The Invaders of the Heart.
No matter if is doing hip-hop, reggae or Drum & Bass Spikey's vocal stylings are always the cream of the crop.

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