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1. City Life 03:19
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Digi only single. Release Oct 30.

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Second single from Amsterdam's new soul sensation Aischa Traidia.

Aischa was born in Haarlem, Holland to a Dutch mother and an Algerian father. With a family background in performing arts, she dipped into dancing and acting at an early age. Her father is the film maker Karim Traidia and every kid in Holland knows her uncle Hakim Traidia as one of the hosts of the Dutch Sesame Street. At the age of 12 Aisha started doing theater shows and her father enrolled her as an extra in several motion pictures which he directed.
But music has always been her first love. Aischa has recorded with US artists like Coultrain and Daru Jones and has performed in clubs and concert halls all over Europe. But it was in Haarlem, where she hooked up with Sotu The Traveller, a Dutch producer born in Istanbul, who she knows since her teenage years. Together with Eastar (Aischa's keyboarder), Sotu creates the perfect sonic backdrop for Aischa's tales of life, love and loss. Post-Dilla hip hop meets jazz meets electronic soul.
Her forthcoming debut album City Life (scheduled for an early 2012 release) introduces Aischa Traidia as a modern soul and jazz singer, who represents the cultural melting pot of Amsterdam in many ways. With guest features by Don Will of Tanya Morgan (Brooklyn), Black Spade (St.Louis) and Phat (Amsterdam) City Life is setting a new standard in soul music made in Europe.
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Aischa Traidia - City Life by MPMCGN

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"Really catchy, soulful pop music." - James Barrie (Global Souljah, Barcelona)

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