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1. Pass It On 03:15
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Welcome to the Funkommunity, a new group founded by kiwi soul producer extraordinaire Isaac Aesili and singer Rachel Fraser. The new wave of New Zealand music just doesn't stop and it's getting better all the time.

MPM first hooked up with Isaac - who is also a singer, keyboarder, horn player and DJ - last year when we released his dark electronica project Karlmarx. His musical vita includes Opensouls, Solaa (a group he formed in the early 2000s with Electric Wire Hustle mastermind Taay Ninh) and Eru Dangerspiel. Isaac and Rachel first met as members of the Recloose Live band and clicked from start. After collaborating on Isaac's solo album 'Eye See', they set up Funkommunity, a project that grew into a five piece band.

?Pass It On? is the first single from the forthcoming album ?Chequered Thoughts?. The album will be released in March 2012.

Vocals by Rachel Fraser
Produced by Isaac Aesili
Guitar - Daniel Ryland
Drums - Myele Manzanza
Programming, Horns, Bass & Synths - Isaac Aesili

Photo: Robert Winter
Artwork: Chicken George
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Funkommunity - Pass It On by MPMCGN

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"Funkommunity has a futuristically classic sound, with their distinctive blend of funky drum rhythms, soulful synthesizers and Fraser?s sassy vocals. I can?t wait to get my ears on the whole album." - Okayplayer (US)

"Serious head-nodding groove, sees Isaac Aesili and Rachel Fraser in top form." - Soulbounce (US)

"I love it. Really fresh!" - Anthony Valadez (KCRW, Los Angeles)

?Kinda on an Amy W/60s soul tip, but with a different angle.? - Dave O'Donnell (Somethin' Else, London)

"With two of my favorite musicians at the helm, Funkommunity have created a work of serious atmospheric funk, playing out the aurora australis ? peep this!" - Taay Ninh (Electric Wire Hustle, Auckland)

"My car runs on Funkommunity, it's been on my car stereo for a month. Really digging it. Feels like summer arrived in Wellington early!" - DJ Fitchie (Fat Freddy's Drop, Wellington)

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