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1. Love Street 03:19  
2. Love Street (Instrumental) 03:19  
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Releasedate Jan 20.

Cover version of the Doors classic. The Türs are a new trans-atlantic supergroup, conducted by producer Twit One from Cologne.

Vocals: Miles Bonny
Keys: Daan Henderson (Ex-Fleur Earth Experiment)
Bass & Effekte: Echomann (aka Twit One)
Guitar: Daniel Klaus
Drums: Lazy Jones (Ex-Fleur Earth Experiment)
Flute: Pascal Schäfer (Sin & Soul Records)

Produced by Twit One

"Love Street" is a 1968 song by The Doors which appears on their album ?Waiting For The Sun?. The song was originally a poem written by Jim Morrison about the street in Laurel Canyon, California, where he lived with his girlfriend Pamela Courson. Their address was 8021 Rothdell Trail. Morrison and Courson referred to Rothdell Trail as "Love Street" because they would sit on the balcony and watch countless hippies walk by. Morrison also wrote the ?Waiting For The Sun? album and much of ?The Soft Parade? at the residence.
Released as the B-side of "Hello, I Love You", "Love Street" received a small amount of airplay on the radio.
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The Türs - Love Street by MPMCGN

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