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Side A
1. Kill Bill 03:50
2. Late Night Suff w/ Miles Bonny 04:30
3. Brewsters 01:36
4. Late Night Reprise w/ Kissey Asplund 01:30
5. Gin City 02:26
Side B
1. The Only Way I Know w/ Oddisee 05:09
2. Plastic 1 01:09
3. Plastic Dub 01:49
4. Like Daddy 03:00
5. Drama 1 & 2 feat. Kissey Asplund 02:58
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Release date Feb 24

? +Efil4ffus? ( read ?Suff for Life Plus?) is an extended re-issue of the very first Suff Daddy EP ?Efil4ffus? from 2008, which has been out of print since 2010. Featuring Miles Bonny, Oddisee and Kissey Asplund plus two extra tracks: ?Kill Bill? and ?Drama Pt.2? (both have only been available on 7? before). Updated artwork based on an unreleased Suff photo by Robert Winter from 2008. For the first time available on CD.

Suff Daddy is currently finishing his third full-lenght album ?Suff Sells?, slated for a release in May 2012.
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