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1. Jericho 8:15  
2. Ageing pains 6:17  
3. The Gathering of the Manna 4:27  
4. Reino dos ceus 8:59  
5. Polemicals 6:01  
6. Kevin 5:07  
7. Crystal Palace 4:58  
8. Gagball 4:22  
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BRZZVLL keep on tripping. ?Polemicals? is taking the psychedelic jazz groove that the six piece band from Antwerp, Belgium is known for to the next level. It is still impossible to find the right box for BRZZVLL though. Jazz is the teacher but band leader Vincent Brijs and crew couldn't care less about rules and regulations. From the epic, arabic flavoured opener ?Jericho? to the sweet and deep ballad ?Reino Dos Céus? BRZZVLL simply do what they want. Most times you can dance too to it and all the time you can trip with it.

Compared to their 2010 album "Happy Live Creator" (produced by Ben Ladmin aka Nostalgia 77) the new BRZZVLL album has more of a live feel. Which is owed to the fact that ?Polemicals? has been recorded at the Kip Kaas studio, owned by the band's keyboarder Jan Willems in Mortsel and produced by the band itself. In that aspect, ?Polemicals? captures the sensational live performances better than any BRZZVLL record before.
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