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Side A
1. Hauro 5:19  
2. The Healthiest Man In Chicago 4:51  
3. Rollin' 4:53  
4. Blondie 3:32  
Side B
1. Bosstune 3:15  
2. Talk Slow 4:48  
3. T.I.I 2:46  
4. Calling 4:02  
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Suckers to the side I know you hate my ... HADE + DWFL album. This stuff is really fresh. Stupid fresh to be exact. Cologne‘s super producer duo HADE + DWFL don't do aerobics, they do beats and bassline steppers, and they are pretty good at it. Check out their first and brand new album „The Healthiest Man In Chicago“ and you know what's up. Cooking up a heavy stew of next level beats, footwork, Chicago house and various UK bass stylings, the HADE + DWFL formula has proven to work out on floors and festivals across the board.

For the record: back when Ed Banger and nu rave was king, HADE and DWFL were big in BeNeLux with their other band Ampersand. Meanwhile, the classically trained synth-wizard Hade scored a minor underground hit with „Rollin“ (a collabo with DJ Gutta), rocked the Beat BBQ, spun records for Mykki Blanco or MC Fitti, and remixed the likes of J.R. & PH7 (feat. Freeway, Saigon & Ras Kass), Mieux, BRZZVLL or Baba Hafti. Arguably at his best alongside his long-time production partner and fellow Al Bundy enthusiast DWFL, their first album as a group presents a mixture of playful, high-octane jams pretty much unheard of.
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