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1. June Gloom 3:23
2. Made Of Stars 3:06
3. Paradise II 3:17
4. Smthng Abt You 4:17
5. Burning Clouds 2:24
6. Outre Space 3:30
7. The Witch Song... 2:07
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10" / EP

Los Angeles singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/beatmaker Low Leaf summons a collection of songs about love, light and hope in this 7 track EP entitled, Alchemizing Dawn. The project is a unique body of work that is rooted in an acoustic core sound, yet holds a strong balance
between Low Leaf's classical roots, and her experimental electronic nature. Written, performed, recorded and produced by the artist herself, Low Leaf plays the harp, rhodes, acoustic/electric guitar, and the grand piano on the record.

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