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Side A
1. So Fine 02:44
2. Crispy 01:49
3. Let It Go 02:24
Side B
1. Rita 02:26
2. Watch My Bacc 01:50
3. 9 mm 02:52
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“Uppers / Downers” is the first release by the Betty Ford Boys (Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk Sinatra) since their 2013 album “Leaders Of The Brew School”. It is a limited hand-stamped & sealed 10”. 1.000 Copies. “Uppers / Downers” will only be available during the “Retox Tour” in October / November. Remaining copies might pop up at selected vinyl stores later on. The six songs from the EP will not be on the album.
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Retox Tour (October/November)

17/10/14 Gretchen, Berlin
18/10/14 Suite15, Regensburg
21/10/14 Groove Attack, Cologne
22/10/14 Stadtgarten, Cologne
23/10/14 Second Hand Records, Stuttgart
23/10/14 Freund & Kupferstecher, Stuttgart
24/10/14 Yip Yab, München
25/10/14 Cafe Leopold, Wien
27/10/14 Fame Store, Wien
28/10/14 Stadtwerkstatt, Linz
29/10/14 Desi, Nürnberg
30/10/14 Puschkin, Dresden
31/10/14 Groove City, Hamburg
31/10/14 Mojo Club, Hamburg
01/11/14 Conny Kramer, Leipzig

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