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1. Intro Azul feat. Olivia Wendlandt of Relaén 04:01
2. Sesta 01:23
3. Twosome 02:13
4. Cabaceira 02:17
5. Escuro (Interlude) 01:02
6. Dulce 02:12
7. Tilezeit 02:25
8. Passagem 01:42
9. Jooly 02:51
10. Taxi Bossa 02:25
11. Brilhante (Interlude) 01:28
12. Jazzchains 02:21
13. Ruamarelo 02:43
14. Bairro Alto 02:39
15. Nuvem feat. Olivia Wendlandt of Relaén 03:47
16. Last Pastel 02:16
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From Paris to Lisbon. "Cenário" is the follow-up to "Metronom", FloFilz' first album on Melting Pot Music which we put out two years ago. Since than FloFilz has been to many places and spaces.
He finished his master degree in music, released the album "Speakthru" on Jakarta and travelled the world with his music. From Germany's premier hip-hop festival "Splash" to "Le Mellotron" in Paris" to "Boiler Room" in London, his beats are cherished by hip-hop and jazz aficionados worldwide.

"Cenário" is Portuguese for scenario but also means backdrop or situation. It's a perfect fit as we have chosen the beautiful city of Lisbon as the visual backdrop for this album. In March we hopped on a plane to Lisbon with photographer Robert Winter and spent some quality time in Europe's oldest city. Enjoying the ambiance, food and visting the local record stores on our hunt for rare bossa and MFB gems. Which equally reflect in the music and the artwork of the album that you are listening now.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Boa viagem!

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