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\"This might be a bit over the top but here\'s a shitload of bio and some other nerdy stuff. Background: The name Upskiboo originates from the graffiti crew I was part of back in the early 90\'s and by the mid 90\'s was transformed into a rapgroup with four band members two rappers and two dj\'s/ producers. Upskiboo was a reincarnation of an even older rapgroup we had during the late 80\'s, a group that had a reputation for rocking numerous houses and parties, getting close to a record deal the group fell apart due to too much drinking and driving, I still have the original 4 track master tapes that i hope to release at some point in time.... My first encounter with hiphop/ rap was in a Danish TV news program about rap and breakdance in NY, this was waaay back in the early 80\'s, I had never heard rap before and thought it was totally mind blowing! My first real music turn on was in 1983, I was living in Toronto with my family, at the local mall I heard a tune which made me stop and listen, the music was comming from speakers inside a clothing store for elderly women, the tune was Rock It by Herbie Hancock, I did\'nt know what it was at the time but felt that this was the coolest music I had ever heard, pretending to have an interest in buying a furr coat I stayed in the store that whole track thinking wow I gotta get this on tape...! So after that I spent alot of time trying to get it of the radio, my brother I recall joined a breakdance crew and that was the first real touch of hip hop\'ness I quess. Returning to Denmark that following year (1984) we noticed that graffiti had invaded the trains and walls of Copenhagen and my brother and me soon got involved as writers... I collected rapmusic on tapes recording shit of the radio or swapping tapes copied over from NewYork radio shows, I always thought why buy records when I can get this music for free, it wasnt until 85 I took a trip to Sweden with a homeboy who was into buying rap and electro that I purchased my first records, a couple of 12 inches. My family moved to San Francisco in 86, into both graffiti and rap it was interesting to see how hiphop was world wide, it was actually my brother who bought the first breakbeat records, Ultimate Breaks And Beats, we thought it was some weird rap records with titles like Funky Drummer the Champ or Ashleys Roachclip. 1986 was a big year in rap, the milestone Payed In Full album with Eric B and Rakim had just dropped, and listning to the U.B.A.B. LP\'s I began to understand how the rap instrumentals where created. I got ahold of two turntables and a mixer and started digging for beats, searching for the roots of this music that I loved so much exposed me to new musical dimensions that I never knew existed like soul funk jazz rock and fusion. Many early weekend mornings I spent going through record crates at fleamarkets all over the city, back then record digging mania had\'nt really kicked in yet so fishing was at times real good! On digging (NERD ALERT!!!) It gets in your blood, very addictive, people considering getting into this should watch out you might get hooked, making a major score thats a feeling thats hard to shake. Last summer I made such a catch, we were out hitting spots on a Sunday with hangovers and shit, I came across a record my boys had already turned down, it looked like some schlager steez LP (lethal German beer music). Denmark is Germany\'s little toe so we have alot of schlager wax laying around. Anyway the titles on this particular album did\'nt really seem schlager-ish, I had run through other schlager looking joints before that was\'nt all that bad and for a dollar I took a chance on it. Later that afternoon when I put the vinyl on I was amazed cause this was no near schlager music, it sounded like Can\'s intoxicated cousins, face melting psych totally untight killer experimental shit and every single track was like wooow!!! My boy still talks about how he had that album in his hands... Anyway its experiences like this that makes it hard to go cold turkey on this game. Samples and producing: As a kid I collected comics but I also drew comics and had stuff published. Its the same thing with the records, I collect them out of interest for the music, I sample them cause I have that creative drive, but you do not have to be a collector to sample and produce, you can sample whatever record wack or not, rare or unrare that you might feel inspired to work with, or you can sample live instruments, buttom line is you can sample anything! My game is ripping vinyl though, if I need a 125 BPM 1971 sounding 4 bar conga rhythm I love having 5-10-15 records lined up to choose from, stuff that has\'nt been used before. I try to shape and stretch the samples as far as possible like it was a live instrument, its a real challenge cause vinyl samples can be difficult to work with and although I experiment with different musical styles Im still searching for a individual sound. I dont really calculate too much when making music, sometimes nothing happens and sometimes things just fall into place on their own, like I might come home with some old recs I just caught and boom they all fit together without me having to do much work. Thats the magic of it having some freaky 70\'s psych hippie joint connect with a modern soul disco 12inch and a old 50\'s jazz record, its like removing space and time and just picking up the pieces. Discography: Over the years I put out tracks on a few labels, I have worked on and off with a lot of people, vocalists musicians djs and producers and the last five years I worked as a socialworker/ producer in a studio called Ghetto Noise with a musicproject for troubled innercity youth. Here\'s some of the records I\'ve been involved in: Flop Stars LP(Harlekin)/ Stop Volden 12inch(BMG)/ Inner City Funk EP/ Coming Up CD(Replay)/ Chew\'em Up CD(Sjakket)/ Homebrew CD(HomeBrew)/ Tales From The Rails 2LP/CD(Stylus Force)/ Monsters Of Art EP(Stylus Force/ ALIS)/ Boogie Children 7inch(Stylus Force)/ Sky High 7inch(Stylus Force)/ Outputs LP(Stylus Force)/ Nobody Beats The Beats vol. 1 CD(Sonny B)/ Nobody Beats The Beats vol. 2 2LP/CD(Sonny B)/ Nobody Beats promo EP(Sonny B, Illmatic Designz)/ Riot At The Fleamarket 7inch (Walk Tall)/ Break In The Road CD (gNAT)/ Summer Heat 12inch(MPM).\"

Upskiboo Upskiboo is hot chilliboo!
Summer Heat
12inch single
MPM 026

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