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Trishes is a DJ/Producer rooted in the hip-hop/dope beat tradition of his hometown Vienna (G-Stone, DJ DSL, Uptight, Waxos, Urbs & Cutex). He is the host of the legendary ?Tribe Vibes? radio show on FM4 and runs his own label Beattown.

For his transatlantic kollabos, Trishes doesn?t take the rent-a-rapper rapper route of buying 16 bars on MySpace. Trishes left Vienna in late 2005 and headed for Cinncinati, Ohio were he set-up a mini-studio and started working with local talent like Piakhan and Cold Showda.The fact that Trishes has not only exchanged e-mails with these MCs but has build with them in real life, makes a difference that you can hear and feel. Back home he is recording with Vienna soul sensation Cesar Sampson, a singer who has worked with evrybody from G-Stone?s Rodney Hunter and Stereotyp to Cheap Record?s Nuwalker.

And he has just begun. Trishes musical travel log that will lead him all the way from the Natti to Cali, New York and Zagreb.
Sign/New Wave
12inch single
MPM 048

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