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Side A
1. Still Miles (Vocal) 03:15
2. Still Miles (Instrumental)
DJ Day X Miles Bonny
Side B
1. Skyy, Can You Feel Me (Instrumental) 04:13
2. What's Life Like 03:35
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Raphael Saadiq tribute EP. 3 songs from the "Instant Vintage" classic getting the Day X Miles treatment. "Still Miles (Ray)" and the epic instro jam "Skyy, Can You Feel Me" have been championed by the like of Gilles P, Lefto and Cosmo Baker. Artwork by Swiss artist Anna-Lina.
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"Amazing EP. I will absolutely support this release." - Onur Engin (Ubeat, Istanbul)

"Sounding good, we'll def' play!." - Andrew Jervis (Ubiquity, LA)

"It's all about Skyy, Can You Feel Me for me but only because I love the track in all it's forms so much!" - James Barrie (Globalsouljah, Barcelona)

"Big fan of both of these guys. MPM did it again." - Huwston (Knowfool, Sydney)

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